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Are you ready to level up your business? Become more mindful with your intentions for your business and come up with the simple solutions that will allow your business to thrive. You are able to do just that with a Business Development and Creative Strategist. Allow Yahaira M. Stewart assist you in achieving more than ever before with your business.


About Yahaira M. Stewart

Dedicated to Your Success

From rags to riches is the common story for most who have lived in poverty and risen to gain financial freedom, wealth and success in life. Yahaira's story is much the same, from her early beginnings as a teenage mom at the age of 16 to living a homeless life with two children all while she was still under the age of 20. Yahaira has understandably seen and lived through tough times. 


The one thing that Yahaira made sure of during these times, was to never give up and to never succumb to a life of victimhood. She put herself through college and received an education even during her times of distress. She came out winning with a Bachelor's of Science in Sociology with a Criminal Justice concentration. Her life taught her not to get mad, but to get justice and to honor your rights before all else. 

This feat of acquiring her degree while homeless and a young, single mother dared her to dream even more and go for bigger. And bigger is what she did. Even before she hit the 40 year age range, Yahaira acquired and successfully ran several businesses including some that allowed her to work with well known celebrities such as Floyd Mayweather, Jon B. and Tamia, just to name a few. These accomplishments added to Yahaira's sense of self worth and value and in turn she shares this goal with her clients

It is Yahaira's utmost passion, commitment, and desire to help others achieve the level of success that she has and continues to achieve. She does this in her small business start-up and management programs through her consulting business. Yahaira has a unique approach that not only guides clients through their specific obstacles but also teaches them to how to handle future hardships. With a focus on leadership development, clarity in decision making, creative problem solving, and commitment to inner peace and self worth, Yahaira has been helping entrepreneurs turn their passion projects and hobbies into thriving small businesses that can afford the owners a life of abundance, peace and prosperity.  


As a Business Development and Creative Strategist, I am ready to jump in and help you create your game plan.

We all have big dreams and I for one believe that it is ALL possible.  Together, we’ll create the most efficient and effective plan to get you from where you are now, to where you want to be.  
My formula helps you get out of your head and pursue those financial dreams, while giving you more freedom and time, so you can build a legacy that matters.

Here's how we can work together, 1 on 1:

First, fill me in on your vision so we can clearly asses your business.  Have an idea and not a business just yet.  That is alright!
You get a pair of fresh eyes on your model, ideal client, and website, and learn where to double-down for smart, long-term profitability.

Office Work

Then, we build a strategic plan that funnels all your ideas (big or small) into a systematic and concise plan, and calendar with daily content, so you always have a road map of what you should be working on.

Business Desk With Laptop and Coffee

Finally, together we will craft a step-by-step plan that doesn’t just build an audience, but also converts sales and gets you paid!

Services by Yahaira M. Stewart

Making an Impact


Shift Your Mindset

Yahaira will assist in creating the habits needed to be the best you for your business.

Web Consultation

Side Hustle to Next Level

Yahaira will assist in taking your hobby to a Business, with strategies that compliment you and your Business.

M2 - Meditate and Manifest YOUR Desires

Yahaira will teach you how to vibrate higher thru meditation and manifest your heart desires.


B2 - Budget and Business Pro

Yahaira will assist in creating a savvy system to fund your Business while working your nine to five.



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